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Luxury audio brand Devialet has launched its Phantom Reactor matte black version in India. Available in stereo and solo, the model will start selling at Rs 1,09,000 onward. The white version was already available.


The unique design is backed by 11 new patents and promises powerful sound from a compact of 22x17cms. The Phantom Reactor looks like a more compact version of the iconic Phantom Premier that was launched in 2015, and became a sensation among audiophiles. Despite the compact form factor, the speakers offer 600 to 900 watts output with a frequency range of 18Hz to 21kHz.

The 600 watts output version will cost Rs 1,09,000, while the 900 watts output version will cost Rs 1,29,000 in India.


Devialet’s main innovation has been its unique Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) that offers superior sound amplification along with Speaker Active Matching (SAM), Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) and Active Cospherical Engine that ensure a very different audio experience.

All in one Connectivity

SAM matches the audio waves to the ability of the speakers to move, while HBI gives a wider and deeper range of bass, unheard of in digital speakers. The Reactor comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity. The app lets users control these sources and connect two Reactors to create a stereo combo.

Martin Ku, head of Asia Pacific for Devialet, said everything they do is meant to drive an emotional experience with their users through music.

We have the sound quality to size and power to size ratio in the market,’ Ku claimed. ‘What allows us to do this is the ADH technology created in 2004 by our founder Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, Ku said, explaining how it is the best sound quality of an analog speaker combined with the efficiency of digital.

Luxury Personified is the dealers of the French ‘acoustic engineering company’ in India. They have been selling Devialet products in India over the past three years.


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